My life has always involved cameras. While most of you will probably recognize me from the 15 years I spent in front of them, I've always been passionate about being behind them.

In my early journalism days I wasn't just on-camera, I shot that video you watched on television. I worked in small towns, remote bureaus and covered wild stories that you couldn't make up. The most interesting people I met rarely came with famous titles.

Oddly enough, the biggest story of my life took me away from my love of story-telling. Two tiny boys set my world on fire. When my twins were born I came to the difficult realization that I couldn't be the Mom I wanted to be and the journalist I aspired to be. The boys won-out and I was re-energized by photographing their every move.

As they've grown, it just made sense to do photography full-time. My background in story telling is now seen in creative head shots for professionals and the mischievous smile in a child. My love of architecture now tells the story of a home that's perfect for a new family. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that's the story I want to tell.