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The Only Cold Thing in Austin is the Weather Temperatures are dipped below freezing, and Austin's housing is still hot. Just shot this rental just around the corner from the Crestivew's Metro Rail stop. 


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Basically, nothing has changed Barton Hills Modern HomeBarton Hills Modern Home I don't know about you, but I'm surprised.   Yes, Austin is amazing.  But the market has been hot for how long now?  Basically, the only thing slowing down here is the traffic. 

According to ABOR:  In February, single-family home sales increased by 2.9 percent from the year prior, with a total of 1,783 properties sold. Median single-family home prices increased 8 percent year-over-year, reaching $269,900. Additionally, the average price for single-family homes in Austin rose to $333,011, 7.6 percent more than February 2015.

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Expensive Austin We certainly hear about it enough, so on some level we know Austin is expensive.  

Maybe I've just gotten used to hearing the prices of homes after shooting them.  Still, this headline stopped me in my tracks...

Austin is one of the 10 richest cities in America.  

So says USA Today.   


San Francisco tops the list.  Not a huge surprise.  $125,000 to live comfortably.  In Manhattan, almost $170,000.   LA, $102,000.  That must be if you're not interested in surfing.  And really, if you're living in LA but not close to the beach - I fail to see the point.  

Austin comes in at #10.


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Austin & Homes Sales Are Heating Up I actually have nothing beyond anecdotal evidence that it is happening today.  But I'm pretty certain it is.  As a former journalist, I feel bad writing that headline.  Only kind of, considering what I've seen in that business.  But I digress.  

I loved shooting this condo that comes on the market soon.  It's being sold by the agent who sold me my first home in Austin.  When we were there I laughed about how it was odd for us to be back here.  She looked at me funny.  Then I realized I made her take me to SO many houses when I was buying my first home, she entirely forgot about this one!  Good times.

The people who live here have great taste.  I appreciate how the place was in absolute perfect condition when I arrived. 

(CLICK on photo to see Virtual Tour)


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Beautiful New Nail Salon at The Triangle For the most part, I shoot homes.  It's fun, it's interesting and I love it.  This past week I was asked to shoot a new nail salon in The Triangle.  I was game, because if I'm not checking out new homes for sale I feel that a nail salon is a very close second choice.  I'd been there before when it was the previous salon.  I expected the same salon - but things had really, really changed there.  Retreat Nail Bar is a slick new salon - with competitive pricing and techs from high end salons.  I already plan to go back with Mom for some girl time.  In retrospect, maybe I should have done this shoot in trade!


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AUSTIN'S GOT IT GOING ON! Forbes magazine names it at the top of the "metro areas with the most economic momentum going into 2014."

Hipsters that might end up in Silicon Valley are heading here because of low taxes, light regulation and "reasonable" housing prices.  Certainly reasonable when compared to Silicon Valley!

Several Texas cities make the list - San Antonio, Houston, Dallas. Making it the place to be in terms of "job creation, wealth formation and overall growth."  Perhaps more surprising are some other cities on this list; Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Pittsburgh & Oklahoma City.  

Certainly housing is part of this equation.  The cities that top this list work hard to make sure there's room for growing families, in the urban centers or suburbs.  

It's a really interesting read & worth your time.  Check out the link below.  

See Joel Kotkin's article on Forbes here:

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Six Year High New numbers are in and the news is good.

Metrostudy released its latest figures and it shows Central Texas builders started construction on 9400 homes in 2013 - that's a six year high - according to the Austin American Statesman. That's a jump of 17.5% from last year.  And it's the most in a year since 2007.  

Why is this news so good for Austin?  Because it brings jobs.  Construction, engineering, design, labor and then there's the buying of furniture.  It's no wonder IKEA is always crowded on weekends!  

2013 was a six year high - despite rising interest rates, a tight lot supply and government shut-down.  But the Austin market is still in demand.  And who wouldn't want a brand new home in Austin?

For all the numbers, check out the Austin American Statesman.


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Modern Austin

Thoroughly modern Austin!  I love this new home that's going on the market just in time for 2014.  You can find more about it on my Facebook Page:  Amy Johnston Harper Photography.

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